Table 6. Full list of journals included in the survey

Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenaianae University-
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae Scietiarum Fennica-
Annals of Saudi Medicine Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research CentreBimonthly paper journal has a circulation of 24 000
Applied Physics Letters Online Institute of Physics with OCLCWeekly journal, electronic version distributed by OCLC
Astrophysical Journal Letters Astronomical SocietyLetters section of Astrophysical Journal
Australian Journal of Engineering Education Association for Engineering Education-
Behavioural and Brain Sciences University PressUnedited penultimate drafts of articles accepted for publication and circulated for open peer commentary
Beitrage zur Algebra und Geometrie Verlag Berlin-
BioMedNet journals Science PublishingAn Internet-based club for biomedical scientists. Services include full-text access to selected journals: 28 'Current Opinion' journals published yearly with reviews of the year's literature; also four other journals including Chemistry and Biology, Current Biology, Structure, and Macromolecular Structures
Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching of Midwest College Biology TeachersAn online archive. Poor resolution page images: retouching in progress
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society Mathematical Society-
Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery Group Inc.Official journal of the Candian Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Canadian Society for Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery and GAM Canada
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science Press and VPI Scholarly Communications project-
Classical and Quantum Gravity Institute of Physics-
Collaborative Computing & Hall-
Complexity International National University'A hypermedia electronic journal'
Computer Journal University Press-
Digital Technical Journal Digital -
Educational Synopses in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine J Ruskin, Yale University'First electronic journal of anesthesiology'
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics Institute of Technology-
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations Texas State University'Strictly electronic publication'
Electronic Journal of Probability of Washington, Seattle-
Electronic Research Announcements of the American Mathematical Society Mathematical SocietyAMS's first electronic-only journal
Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis State University-
Electronics Letters Onlinenot accessible, see with OCLC-
Emerging Infectious Diseases for Disease Control and Prevention-
Engineering and Laboratory Notes Society of AmericaElectronic version of quarterly insert in Optics and Photonics News
ESAIM: Control, Opimization and Calculus of Variations Henri Poincare, Paris-
Florida Entomologist Entomological Society'Online journal preserves the formatting and page makeup of the printed version'
Human Reproduction Update University Press'First combined print and multimedia journal from Oxford University Press'
Immunology Today Onlinenot accessible, see with OCLC-
Informatics Health Care Specialist Group of the BCSElectronic may differ from paper version
Information Technology and Disabilities, affiliate of the American Association for Higher Education
InterJournal England Complex Systems Research InstituteNot a single journal, a number of interlocking journals. Areas are complex systems, polymers and complex fluids, and genetics
International Antiviral News Media-
Interpersonal Computing and Technologygopher://GUVM.CCF.GEORGETOWN.EDU:70/11/LISTSERV/ipct-jGeorgetown UniversityElectronic-only journal with discussion list
InterStat: Statistics on the Internet Soc. of Animal Science-
Journal of Applied Communications Communicators in Information-
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research Intelligence Access Foundation-
Journal of Biological Chemistry Society for Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyOnline version is co-published with Stanford Libraries' electronic publishing imprint HighWire Press
Journal of Chemical Physics Express Institute of PhysicsIncludes papers accepted for publication in the paper journal and available prior to paper publication only
Journal of Computer-Aided Environmental Design and Education Scholarly Communications-
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design Science Publishers'An experimental electronic version that will attempt to carry complete articles and enhancements'
Journal of Corrosion Science and Engineering and Int. Corrosion Council-
Journal of Functional and Logic Programming Press'Articles published electronically to provide fast and flexible access'
Journal of Image Guided Surgery WileyNew journal launched simultaneously in electronic and paper formats
Journal of Industrial Teacher Education Nat. Assoc.Industrial and Technical Teacher Educators and VPI Scholarly Communications
Journal of Materials Science & Hall-
Journal of Materials Science Letters & Hall-
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics & Hall-
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine & Hall-
Journal of Math Systems, Estimation and Control Boston and VPI Scholarly Communications-
Journal of Molecular Biology PressPrototype online version
Journal of Molecular Modelling Universitat Erlangen-Nurnburg with Springer Verlag'First fully electronic journal in chemistry'
Journal of Petroleum Technology of Petroleum EngineersExperimental online version
Journal of Quantitative Trait Loci Science Society of America'Has more complete analyses than is generally feasible in bound media'
Journal of Statistics Education Carolina State University'Articles that make innovative use of the electronic medium are encouraged'
Journal of Technology Education Scholarly Communications-
Journal of Universal Computer Science University of Technology and Springer VerlagDistributed mainly in electronic form
Journal of Veterinary Medical Education of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
Mathematical Physics E-journal of Texas at Austin and VPI Scholarly Communications-
Medicine and Global Survival Medical Association-
Medicine Online Missouri State University-
New York Journal of Mathematics Univ. of New York at Albany'First electronic general maths journal'
Notices of the American Mathematical Society Mathematical Society-
Numerische Mathematik Electronic Edition Verlag-
Online Journal of Current Clinical Trialsnot accessible, see & Hall with OCLC-
Optical and Quantum Electronics & Hall-
Physical Review Letters Onlinenot accessible, see Physical Society with OCLC-
Physics Express Letters of Physics PublishingContains letters and rapid communications from 12 IoPP journals
Physics Uspekhi Online Uspekhi and Turpion Ltd -
Protein Science Onlinehttp://www.prosci.uci.eduCambridge University Press-
Psychiatry Online Lodge Education Ltd-
Psycoloquy HarnadOne of the first electronic-only journals
Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire of Bayreuth, Erlangen and Strasbourg-
St Francis Journal of Medicine Francis Medical Ctr, Pittsburgh-
Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics Press-
Theory and Application of Categories Allison University-
Tree Physiology Publishing-
Ulam Quarterly'Oldest maths e-journal'-
WWW Journal of Biology Press Inc.-