Table 4(a). Funding and commercial status of online journals : electronic-only

Income options
Electronic-only journals----
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer SciencecomX--
International Antiviral NewscomX--
Journal of Functional and Logic ProgrammingcomX--
Journal of Molecular ModellingcomX-CD-ROM and paper versions planned
Journal of Universal Computer SciencecomX-Free until 1997. Paper and CD-ROM versions planned
Online Journal of Current Clinical TrialscomX--
Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and EconometricscomX--
Medicine Onlinecom-XSeeking advertising and sponsorship
Psychiatry Onlinecom-XSeeking advertising and sponsorship
WWW Journal of Biologycom-XPaid-for CD-ROM planned
Journal of Quantitative Trait LocisocX- 'Nominal' fees for access and publication to be considered. Annual CD planned
Electronic Research Announcements of the AMSsoc-X-
IT and Disabilitiessoc-XPrint version planned with commercial press
Notices of the AMSsoc-X-
Journal of Computer-Aided Environmental Design and EducationotherX-Subscription information due to be posted
Complexity Internationalother-X-
Educational Synopses in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicineother-XSupported by educational and research grants with some commercial support
Electronic Journal of Combinatoricsother-X-
Electronic Journal of Differential Equationsother-X-
Electronic Journal of Probabilityother-XPaper version possible
Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysisother-X-
Emerging Infectious Diseasesother-X-
ESAIM: Control, Opimization and Calculus of Variationsother-XExtended abstracts on paper and CD-ROM versions possible or may charge for online version
Interpersonal Computing and Technologyother-X-
InterStat: Statistics on the Internetother-XAuthor fees of $50 per published paper ($10 for authors in developing countries)
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Researchother-XSupported by NASA and AAAI. Each annual volume published on paper by Morgan Kaufmann
Journal of Corrosion Science and Engineeringother-X-
Journal of Statistics Education other-XGrant from US Department of Education
Mathematical Physics E-journalother-X-
New York Journal of Mathematicsother-X-
Psycoloquyother-XSupported by American Psychological Association
St Francis Journal of Research and Public Healthother-X'House' research journal
Theory and Application of Categoriesother-X-
Ulam Quarterlyother-X-

Table 4(b). Funding and commercial status of online journals : electronic editions

Income options
Electronic editions----
BioMedNet journalscomX-Free during beta testing period
Collaborative ComputingcomX--
Computer JournalcomX-Free for experimental period
Human Reproduction UpdatecomX-Sample issue available
Immunology Today OnlinecomX--
Journal of Applied CommunicationscomX-Sample papers free
Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular DesigncomX--
Journal of Image Guided SurgerycomX--
Journal of Materials SciencecomX-Sample issue available
Journal of Materials Science LetterscomX-Sample issue available
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in ElectronicscomX--
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in MedicinecomX-Sample issue available
Journal of Molecular BiologycomX--
Numerische Mathematik Electronic EditioncomX--
Optical and Quantum ElectronicscomX--
Protein Science OnlinecomX-'Pay-per-view' being considered
Tree PhysiologycomX--
Behavioural and Brain Sciencescom-XOnly preprints free
Beitrage zur Algebra und Geometriecom-X-
Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgerycom-X-
Digital Technical Journalcom-XCompany's technical 'house' journal
Journal of Math Systems, Estimation and Controlcom-XAbstracts of papers accepted after peer review available on subscription
Physics Uspekhi Onlinecom-X-
Applied Physics Letters OnlinesocX-Paper and CD-ROM versions available
Classical and Quantum GravitysocX--
Electronics Letters OnlinesocX--
Journal of Animal SciencesocX-For society's members
Journal of Biological ChemistrysocX- Subscription from 1996
Journal of Petroleum TechnologysocX-Free for experimental period
Medicine and Global SurvivalsocX--
Physical Review Letters OnlinesocX--
Physics Express LetterssocX--
Astrophysical Journal Letterssoc-XFunded by AAS and US NSF
Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teachingsoc-X-
Bulletin of the AMSsoc-X-
Engineering and Laboratory Notessoc-XMay introduce author page charges
Florida Entomologistsoc-XImposes author page charges
Journal of Chemical Physics Expresssoc-XOnly preprints free
Journal of Industrial Teacher Educationsoc-X-
Journal of Veterinary Medical Educationsoc-X-
Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenaianaeother-X-
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicaeother-X-
Annals of Saudi Medicineother-X-
Journal of Technology Education other-XCo-sponsored by the International Technology Education Asociation (ITEA)
Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciencesother-XSponsored by MathPro Press
Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoireother-X-