Table 2. (a) Novel features of online journals : electronic-only journals.

TitleSearchableIssue/vol.HypertextElectronic NotificationFeaturesAvailability
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science.VX.Audio planned for blind users.
Forward references to related work.
Two papers
Complexity International.IXX tox.One issue, April 1995
Educational Synopses in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.iXX.Nine issues April-December 1994 and monthly issues to October 1995
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics.VX eX absLinked to Dynamic Surveys in Combinatorics, surveys of the field that are actively updated; space for reader's comments on papersTwo volumes 1994 and 1995
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations.V.X abs.Three volumes 1993-1995, 29 papers
Electronic Journal of Probability.VX eX tocSpace for post-publication comments by readersTwo papers from April 1995
Electronic Research Announcements of the AMSXIXX.One issue, vol.1 no.1 1995
Electronic Transactions on Numerical AnalysisXVXX abs.Three volumes from 1993 to 1995
Emerging Infectious Diseases.I.XChoice of four formats for each paperThree issues from January 1995
ESAIM: Control, Opimization and Calculus of Variations.VXX.One paper
InterJournal.V..Space for readers- commentsTen papers
International Antiviral News.I...May 1995 sample issue, two papers
Interpersonal Computing and Technology.I...Quarterly issues from January 1993 to July 1995
InterStat: Statistics on the Internet.V...Two papers
IT and Disabilities.I...Quarterly issues from January 1994
Journal of Artificial Intelligence ResearchXV.XOnline appendices for data; associated newsgroupThree volumes: vol.1, 13 papers; vol.2, 18 papers; vol.3 (from June 1995), 5 papers
Journal of Computer-Aided Environmental Design and Education.I..Colour graphicsFirst issue Fall 1995, three papers
Journal of Corrosion Science and Engineering.VX.Colour photos; preprintsFour papers including one preprint
Journal of Functional and Logic Programming.V...One paper
Journal of Molecular Modelling.V.XColour figures12 abstracts, papers available by ftp
Journal of Quantitative Trait Loci.VX e.Links to publisher's databaseFive papers since April
Journal of Statistics Education.VXXOnline discussion group and announce servicesOne volume 1993, two volumes each in 1994 and 1995
Journal of Universal Computer Science.IX.Hyper-G enhanced hypermedia browsers availableEight monthly issues from January 1995
Mathematical Physics E-journal.V...Two papers since March 1995
Medicine Online.I...Three issues in 1995
New York Journal of MathematicsXV.X absAssociated listservVolume 1 1994/95, 11 papers
Notices of the AMS.IX.. Nine monthly issues to September 1995
Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials. . . . . .
Psychiatry Online.I...Ten issues to October 1995
PsycoloquyXVX tX tocs.All volumes since 1990
St Francis Journal of Research and Public Health.I...One issue of quarterly journal
Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics.I...Demonstration issue
Theory and Application of Categories.V.X.Six papers during 1995
Ulam Quarterly.I...Two complete volumes, nine issues
WWW Journal of Biology.IX e.Links to Medline databaseFirst issue October 1995 , five papers
Journal of Petroleum Technology.....Three non-consecutive issues from 1995