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Cliff McKnight (Editor-in-Chief) Loughborough University
John Leggett Texas A&M University
Gary Marchionini University of Maryland
Wendy Hall (BCS Editor) University of Southampton
Steve Hitchcock (Web Development Editor) University of Southampton


Rob AkscynKnowledge Systems
Bob AllenBellCoRe
Michael BieberNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Ann Peterson BishopUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Christine BorgmanUniversity of Californa at Los Angeles
Peter BrownUniversity of Kent at Canterbury
Rob CailliauC E R N
Andrew DillonIndiana University
Philip DotyUniversity of Texas at Austin
Rick FurutaTexas A & M University
Steven HarnadUniversity of Southampton
Chuck KacmarFlorida State University
George P. LandowBrown University
David LevyXerox PARC
Clifford LynchUniversity of California
Cathy MarshallXerox PARC
Ray McCallUniversity of Colorado
Ian RitchieBritish Computer Society
Antoine RizkEuroclid
Pam SamuelsonUniversity of California at Berkeley
Frank ShipmanTexas A & M University
Ben ShneidermanUniversity of Maryland
David StottsUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Norbert StreitzGMD-IPSI
Shigeo SugimotoUniversity of Library & Information Science
Ian WittenUniversity of Waikato

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