A Vision for Open Hypermedia Systems Nürnberg and Leggett

Appendix A. Generic Encoding Layer Rules

The following is an algorithm to map a set of generic structure objects to a byte stream suitable for transport with an OSI Layer 4 transport mechanism. The corresponding algorithm to map a byte stream to an object is not provided, but is easily derived from this algorithm.


Also, in the algorithm, let:

Given {obji}, do:

The byte stream that is written to the Transport Layer is the 8 byte integer size followed by the size byte block block.

Ignored here are issues about integer representation (e.g., 1's complement, 2's complement, etc.) and byte-order. These issues must be addressed by the OHSWG.


Peter J. Nürnberg, John J. Leggett
HRL, CSDL, Texas A&M
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