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To 1.1 -- And Beyond!

by Kathy Walrath and Mary Campione

This trail describes the API JavaSoft has added to the JDK since 1.0. Mainly, it talks about the 1.1 release -- how 1.1 differs from 1.0, how to use 1.1 features, and so on. This trail also gives you a preview of what to expect after 1.1.

Note: The JDK 1.1 release was shipped in December 1996. The JDK 1.1 release was quickly followed by the JDK 1.1.1 bug-fix release and more will likely follow. Generally speaking, bug-fix releases do not add new features over their predecessors. Thus, it is likely that documentation describing the JDK 1.1 will apply equally well to future bug-fix releases.

What's New in 1.1? will be the place to learn about 1.1 and beyond. This might be your first stop if you used 1.0. Even if you didn't use 1.0, you'll probably find this lesson handy as an overview of capabilities that JavaSoft provides. Until this lesson is complete, you can find information about 1.1 by looking at the documentation bundle for the current 1.1 release. For information on writing programs that can use 1.1 features and yet work even in 1.0 runtimes, see Writing Compatible Programs.

GUI Changes: The AWT Grows Up describes how the GUI-related classes -- in particular the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) -- work in 1.1, and the new features you can expect after 1.1. The lesson includes detailed information on using the new event system, writing lightweight components, and converting 1.0 AWT-using programs to 1.1.

[PENDING] Converting 1.0 Programs to 1.1 . . . is under construction. Stay tuned. In the interim, you can see the document on the 1.1 website that describes How to Convert Programs to the 1.1 AWT API.

Besides the information provided in this trail, the tutorial also contains the following trails that document the new internationalization, native interface, and JavaBeans(tm) APIs:

In the future, look for more 1.1 trails to cover the JDBC, Object Serialization, and so on!

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