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Writing Applets

by Kathy Walrath

This trail covers everything you need to know about writing Java applets.

Overview of Applets gives a complete overview of how applets work, how you write an applet, and exactly what applets can and can't do. You should thoroughly understand this overview before going further in this trail.

Creating an Applet User Interface talks about the various ways of getting input from the user and giving information to the user. It includes discussions of applet parameters, properties, graphical user interfaces, and sound.

Communicating with Other Programs talks about interapplet communication, as well as communication with other types of programs, such as server-side applications.

Understanding Applet Capabilities and Restrictions gives details about the security restrictions that can be placed on applets and some safe ways of getting around applet restrictions. It also discusses the capabilities that applets have that applications currently don't have, or that you might not expect applets to have.

Finishing an Applet describes the characteristics of a high-quality applet. It includes Before You Ship That Applet, a checklist of some annoying behaviors you should avoid in your applet.

Common Applet Problems (and Their Solutions) explains the solutions to some problems you might run into while writing your applet.

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