Andrew Pam, Glass Wings


Half day.


This tutorial will include an introduction to HyperWave and demonstrations of the server, the web gateway and the Harmony client for Unix. More in-depth discussion on the design and workings of the system will also be included to the extent that audience interest and available time permits.

Who should attend

Anyone with an interest in the HyperWave system (selected as Best Internet Product and Best of Show by Byte magazine at CeBit'97 this year!)

Instructor Biography

Andrew Pam has a decade of experience with online communications, from 300bps acoustic couplers and CP/M to ISDN, the WWW and beyond. He is a partner in Glass Wings, the longest established commercial Australian content provider on the Internet, and Interactive OmniMedia, a provider of custom Intranet solutions for businesses. He is Technical Vice President of the world-wide Xanadu project, responsible for originally developing Hypertext and Hypermedia, and the Australian agent for HyperWave. He is also assisting the Cinemedia project of the Victorian State Government Department of Multimedia. A much more lengthy resume is available online (naturally!) at: http://www.sericyb.com.au/sc/apresume.html