Appendix 2: Open Journal Project plan of work for Year 2
May June July August Sept October November December January February March April
Web server Install JMB onto server Install ISI data onto server (prosective)
Link Service Design & Build Proxy DLS Remote Control Interface Redesign based on evaluation Design and Implement OJ Authoring Tools
Agents Link Creator


Build citation parser for Bibliography Agent for Psycoloquy Plug into Bib Agent into new BIDS service Use ISI data (prospective) with Bib AgentLink Filter agent
Journal Psycoloquy into OJ framework EPODD & Computer Journal into OJ framework Rework Biology OJ with authors tools
Linkbases Create internal keyword linkbases Create internal keyword linkbases
Resources Links to external resourcesIdentify general Computer Science resources Create external links…
Evaluation Release first OJ to testers.

Identify psycoloquy user group.

Formalise evaluation framework for biology testers Identify computer science user group.Analyse first test results. Formalise evaluation framework for psycoloquy testers. Release psycoloquy OJ to testers. Analyse psycoloquy test results.
Reports Paper for Web Journal Experiences with First OJ Experiences with Second OJ.
Activities Project Publishing Seminar BL Research & Innovation Seminar Project Open Day
Conference & Journal Activities WWW conference @ Paris Libtech presentation Submit Paper for HT í97Submit paper for IFIP publishing conference Attend IFIP publishing conference