Appendix 1: Open Journal Project plan of work for Year 1
May June July August Sept October November December January February March April
Web server Set up Web serverMonitor
DLS Prototype DLS C version of DLS server ...... FCS
DMS Start to research DMS Prototype...Develop alpha version a
IR Investigate IR solutions (e.g. Harvest) ... a
Bibliography Agents Start to prototype Bib Agents a
General Agents Start planning & research Report to Management Mtg prototype
Journal Development put on Web
Linkbases Make Internal Development Linkbase Refine internal linkbases ...
Resources Identify some external resources & make linkbases Refine external resources and linkbases ...
Teaching materials Liaise with David Shotton re course texts
Standard texts Contact publishers re use of text book ...
Evaluation Identify testers and evaluation procedure Pull together into coherent product. Evalution by agreed testers.
Reports State of the Art EJournals review ......... Release to ELib, etc Write Year1 report
Activities Send out invites for seminar! Run publishers seminar
Conference & Journal Activities Submit paper to Boston WWW conference Submit paper to ELVIRA 4th International WWW conference @ Boston Submit paper to 5th International WWW conference @ Paris ACM Hypertext Conference, Washington