Making the most of e-journals, April 1998, Loughborough, UK
What we said orginally about the Open Journal project

"The philosophy of the project, at its most basic level, is to provide immediate access to electronic versions of existing quality journals ... Beyond that the aim is to provide powerful hypermedia linking techniques to allow naive users direct access to secondary information resources instead of requiring them to use these resources independently. The links are created dynamically at the user's request and do not need to be explicitly embedded in the journal papers when they are authored, thus realizing the concept of the open journal. 

"... In this way access to information will be faster, with less user-based navigation in and out of separate resources, and more precise, going directly to the relevant article or section of text rather than to a table of contents." 

From the original eLib sheet flyer An Open Journal Framework: Integrating Electronic Journals with Networked Information Resources

Hitchcock, Lessons from the Open Journal project: from first concepts towards real applications