Making the most of e-journals, April 1998, Loughborough, UK
What others say about journal integration

The Academic: an economist  

"To exploit the economies of scope, the electronic journal might begin to include hot links to other materials in the database. The electronic product would then deliver more than the print version. ... An academic journal database could invite authors to include the electronic addresses of references and links to ancillary files. Higher quality databases will have more such links
"How much should information from a variety of sources be integrated into a database with common structure, tags, and linkages? For a large database, more effort at integration and coherence may be more valuable. Just how much effort, particularly how much hand effort, remains an open question.

Getz, M, Electronic Publishing in Academia: An Economic Perspective
Conference on Scholarly Communication and Technology organized by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Emory University, USA, 1997 

Hitchcock, Lessons from the Open Journal project: from first concepts towards real applications